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Le Reservoir

Formerly the maquis 'ministre', then the 'Bourgeois', and finally meeting so much success that it calls itself a 'multiplex restaurant with associated services'. The Reservoir is a recommended stop, if only for the tree-lined garden, the elevated dining room, or the cosy terrace with little coloured lamps, all with buckets of charm.

The welcome is professional and the menu is varied and original, with Ivorian, European and even Asian main courses, all with a good quality-price ratio. We like the free meatballs, mini-pizzas or fish à la bassamoise while you wait. We especially like the large choice of grilled meat and fish, above all the tuna steaks and the creamy mushroom sauce.
On the other hand, waiting times can sometimes be a problem, and mosquitoes can invite themselves to dinner during the evenings.
An added attraction, since 2008, there is now a bar, Autour d'un verre, for pre- or after-dinner drinks.

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Wednesday, 04 April 2012 22:59

La Maison du Combattant

"Make yourself at home, sit comfortably, pass your order in all serenity and you will be served as you a king. Welcome to the kingdom of African cuisine."

So reads the menu of the Combattant. Owned by Sirel, which also runs the similar 331 in Cocody, the Maison du Combattant has been around for more than fifteen years, and is one of the highlights of the Plateau district. Between midday and two o'clock it's difficult to find a place between the diplomats, high-ranking civil servants, journalists and officials from the corporate headquarters and government ministries.
The architecture and atmosphere is 1930, with a huge private terrace and high ceilings decorated with swirling fans, making this high-end maquis well worth a visit. If the popularity of the food can sometimes slow down the service, this is still a major attraction for those seeking a lunchtime bite.

The key attraction is above all the selection of Ivorian dishes, ranging from the Ivorian sauces (palm grain, leaf, djoumblé, clair, pistachio, gouagouassou), grilled meats and fish (chicken, agouti, rabbit, carpe, catfish, sole and sea bream), kebabs and other specialities (chicken yassa, guinea fouwl, snail, crayfish, mutton, kedjenou), and the daily specials.
It's difficult to know where to start! There are also salads and a snack section in the menu for those not wanting a full meal.
We love the colonial architecture, and the simple, generous and high-quality nature of the food.

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The lack of windows, the wooden walls and the heavy greenery make L'Aboussouan an easy one to overlook as you head down the main boulevard in Treichville. Yet, this an un-miss-able part of the city's restaurant scene, the traditional home of an older generation of bourgeois Ivorians and other major figures from the political and business world.

The like of Jacques Chirac, Bernard Kouchner, Alain Juppé, Queen Fabiola and the Chinese premier, Li Peng, have graced its rich surroundings. The restaurant's reputation with the elite old guard stems of course from the food taken from all four corners of Cote d'Ivoire (Banfora mutton, Ferkessedougou guinea foul, Savanes agouti, Grand-Bereby lobster etc), but also from the alliance between Ivorian cuisine and the finest French wines.
The joivial host Adou Sapim, adds to their charm. After training in finance in France, he returned home and went into the restaurant business in 1977.
His theory, was that the key to a restaurant's success was the wine cellar and so he set about building the country's most impressive cellar, currently holding around 4,000 bottles (80% Bordeaux, 10% Bourgognes, 5% Alsaces and 5% Loire). Always keen to share is passion for wine, he firmly believes "mixing African cuisine with French wine, is to rediscover both in a complementary setting".

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